Meet me!

I moved from Slovakia to Prague to study. It was quite a long time ago, 8 years of it. Now I work as a creative director/graphic designer at Make4You, which is a 360 degree marketing company where I try to make a difference 😀
I like soccer (watching and playing), volleybal, windsurfing (I am still just a beginer), reading books, chess, poker (Texas hold´em, Omaha) World of tanks, Hearthstone and everything connected with multimedia – sound, 2D/3D graphics, video, photography, typography and so on…

The main point of creating this site is to let you guys know about my work and maybe support me (to become better and give you more stuff) if you feel like it. Feel free to critisize my work as well since it gives me opportunities to improve in the future and maybe, If I am good enough, give you some tutorials, tips and tricks on how to become better with me.

I first started being interested in graphics 10 years ago when I adored progamers and their intros in World of Warcraft videos (like this or this). At that time, they were beautiful and I felt in love with them. I started learning Adobe After Effects and with it, Sony Vegas PRO. I was capturing my gameplay with Fraps and used all these three software to make my first videos. It was a real pain in the ass, because I was using an old laptop. Even playin was a pain. But I never gave up on it (both playing and making videos). After some time I bought myself a PC, which was quite strong in that time so I could start making more difficult stuff and even play better.

Then I realized, it would be cool to get in touch with 3D software and so I did. It was some 2 years after starting with After Effects when I took first steps into 3Ds Max. Then I starded to know that graphics is about lots and lots of different skills and techniques. I started Illustrator, Premiere, Lightroom and Photoshop together with Cinema 4D and a little bit of ZBrush to get me where I am now.

Even though I posses quite a lot of skills I know, that I will never stop learning new stuff. Currently I am learning new techniques in Cinema 4D (mainly professional texturing) and soon I am starting to learn Nuke.

I know very well that it still needs a lot of time to get me where I want to be but I am still doing my best to get there and from what I know, everyone should do the same. So, god, help us all 🙂